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Hi, my name is Chris Walker. I created this website with two goals in mind. One, I’d like to help you find at least one reliable kitchenware factories in Vietnam that can produce your product.
Two, I’d like to promote my wife's sewing factory. Below is a list of kitchenware factories in Vietnam for your benefit. If need help contacting them, then we can help you. Click on the info about research offer below.

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Where are the kitchenware factories in Vietnam? Can they meet International Standards?

Kitchenware factories in Vietnam are plentiful and have state of the art facilities. Pan-fryers, skillets, woks, stock pots, sauce pans, and pressure cookers can now easily be manufactured in Vietnam. This is due to two reasons, the development of local factories now able to match international standards for kitchenware and the development of international groups, mainly Korean, who have set up factories in Vietnam.

Like most industries, many factories are moving from China to Vietnam due to attractive labor costs, friendly work environment, improved infrastructure and Vietnamese know-how. Because of this, our Seditex sourcing team has found the best kitchenware factories in Vietnam; we will be happy to introduce you to them.
Our favorite kitchenware factories in Vietnam can be found near Hanoi, the political capital of Vietnam. Other kitchenware factories in Vietnam that we recommend are in the economical capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. These factories are able to produce Aluminum kitchenware, forged aluminum kitchenware, and casted aluminum kitchenware. The kitchenware factory in Hanoi is called TYS and belongs to a Korean group. The factory in HCMC is called Jong and is based in Binh Duong. Both factories are able to apply sticky surfaces made with Teflon, Greblon, Quantum or Quantinium.
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Kitchenware factories in Vietnam are fully vertical. They buy raw materials like aluminum, stainless steel and plastics to transform them into kitchenware according to your design. Their production facilities have die-casting machines up to 800T, stamping Machines from 25T to 5000T and polishing machines. Their 2D and 3D design and construction departments provide precise and realistic technical spec files for buyers with detailed intricate designs.

These kitchenware factories in Vietnam have in house laboratories able to test Aluminum content, pre-treatment, oven temperature, cross hatch, anti-adhesion, hardness, abrasion proof, salt mist, thickness gauge and adhesion. These factories know and understand western standards for kitchenware such as EC 1935/2004 for food contact materials and EN 1672-2 for food processing machinery. They also have international certifications and audits like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000, BSCI, WRAP.

Strength and advantages of kitchenware factories in Vietnam are their suitable cost and strategic manufacturing location. Factories are at reasonable distances of deep sea ports to reduce transportation costs. Concerning import taxes, Vietnam offers a lower import-tax rate to EU than China. These In-house factories allow an efficient reduction and follow up of costs to give best process. Their experienced engineering, developing and QC teams will provide you the best product with latest innovation at a cheap price on time. At least, that is the goal.

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1. You send us your request for product details and factory requirements

2. We confirm that factory introductions is the cost effective solution for you; or explain our other services

3. We check our database or ask around our network to identify the right factory for you

4. We describe the factory to you

5. You pay our service fee

6. We give you the factory contact details and you contact them directly

7. We standby to assist you further with quotation and sample request.
  • 1. How much does it cost to manufacture a backpack?

    Open or Close
    Whenever it comes to the question of the cost, it really depends on what kind of backpack and the quantity.

    For example, if you just need one sample, choose from manufacturer’s ready backpack? or have it custom made? If ready, the unit price is about 5–20USD, because of different material, design and complexity of the backpack. If custom made, the cost is much higher, from 50USD to 300USD(very complicated with many compartments). Usually, manufacturers calculate the cost as per how many paper backboards to be used for one backpack. The more, the higher cost and price.

    Then comparing 500pcs with 5000pcs, of course the cost are much different.

    1, The material purchasing, the bigger quantity, the better price we can get from our materials supplier.

    2, If 500pcs, we may need to cut the fabric materials by hand, the speed is slowlier, so the cost is also higher.

    3, The labor and managing turnover time is increased. For example, no matter 500pcs or 5000pcs, the early step to prepare the material, layout of the fabric material, the labor and time are the same.

    4, And usually, when our worker sew the backpacks, at the beginning, they are new design for them, so the workers sew slowlier at first, and as time goes by, their speed can be raised step by step. That’s also why if long time cooperation, the price can be better.
  • 2. Do you receive commissions from suppliers?

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    No. We charge our upfront fee and that's it. We give you the suppliers contacts you can work directly with them yourself.
  • 3. What happens if the factories we introduce don’t meet your expectations?

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    Once, we introduce you to factories, you will be able to contact and work directly with them by email.
    • If factories don’t reply then we will get involved and make sure the factory replies.
    • If the first three factories don’t meet your expectations, we can introduce you to more. Our experience is that Vietnamese factories are slow to respond.
  • 4. What should you prepare before contacting the factories?

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    We recommend you have tech packs prepared in advance to email factories. You don't know what tech pack is? Then contact us!
  • 5. How good was your quality consulting services in comparision with the bigger companies?

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    Our sourcing company in Vietnam is smaller than many other quality consulting services and therefore are easily compatible to a particular requirement of each customer. Big companies cannot control the knowledge of their inspectors. An inspector who does the inspection of shoes may do it the same way for apparels. So how good is that inspection? A good technical knowledge of the product is a must. Moreover, big agencies don’t know the customers either so the inspector does not actually know the need of a specific customer. We can educate each inspector of exactly what each customer needs. Therefore, our reports are accurate and dedicated to the needs of the customer.
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