JS Apparel is a garment producer based in USA.
JS Apparel has been developing and manufacturing cutting edge knits for over 15 years and they bring the knowledge gained over that period as well as our commitment to excellence to both divisions of JS Apparel.

JS Apparel offers the basic division, which consists of junior's and men's PFD and garment dye products. These styles are kept on the shelf for immediate shipment. Along with the basic division, they have a JS Custom body collection and a full packaged private label division to offer more in the way of styling,fabrics and embellishments. You can now come work with their team of designers and graphic artists to develop your own line with the latest looks in the marketplace.

They have continued to explore new fabrics so that they can offer the combination of hand,style and draping that their customers are looking for today. JS Apparel believes that they have arrived at a combination that will please just about everyone. In addition, they are keeping up on the latest bodies,colors.washes,treatments and embellishment techniques so that they can truly be a one stop shop in today's world of "Fast Fashion" to retail.
I get many emails from people wanting to produce garments in Vietnam. I quickly realize they are not ready to produce overseas. So, to solve this problem I met this garment producer based in USA and I have included their information in my website. If you are making less than 1,000 pieces per style per color and don’t know what a tech pack is then I encourage you to work with US based garment manufacturers. Click here for a complete list of sewing factories in the USA. After you have produce a few collections in the US and your brand is taking off then please contact me to get a price quote from Vietnam.

For more information about garment producer in USA please contact Scott Wilson.
JS Apparel Garment Producer in USA

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HAGL Thảo Điên Bldg
37 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng
Thảo Điền, Quận 1
Hồ Chí Minh 700000

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