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eBook: Guide to Producing Garments in Vietnam

Book 1: Table of Contents

Chapter 1 My best advice
Chapter 2 Meeting MOQs
Chapter 3 Choosing fabrics
Chapter 4 Printing options
Chapter 5 Know your trims
Chapter 6 Know your accessories
Chapter 7 Prepare tech packs
Chapter 8 Getting samples made
Chapter 9 Find the right factory
Chapter 10 Packing options
Chapter 11 Bond with factory
Chapter 12 Negotiating strategies
Chapter 13 Production steps
Chapter 14 How to manage quality
Chapter 15 Shipping Documents
Chapter 16 Choose Freight Forwarder
Chapter 17 Calculate Import Duties

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Sourcing in Vietnam Sitemap

  • Product Categories We are a sourcing company in Vietnam that helps you find the right factory fast. Visit us in Ho Chi Minh City.
    • Outerwear Contact Intermax technical outerwear factory in Vietnam to get a price quote and samples made. They have two factories in the north.
    • Absorbent Pads Oil absorbent pad factories in Vietnam are not easy to find. We know them and we can introduce you to them. Let's talk.
    • Woven Apparel We know many clothing manufacturers in Vietnam. We'd like to introduce you to them. Are you using knit or woven fabric? Let's talk.
    • Leather Garment We find leather prototype workshop in Vietnam for you and offer quality control services. Do you have your own designs ready?
    • Leather Bags We find leather bags manufacturers in Vietnam for you and offer quality control services. Do you have your own designs ready?
    • Eco Friendly Bags We help you find and request a quote for Vietnam eco friendly bags manufacturers.
    • Backpacks There are many backpack manufacturers in Vietnam. Do you want to work directly with them? Let us introduce you today. Let's talk.
    • Socks Sock companies in Vietnam are gaining experience and achieving lower pricing. We can introduce you to them. Interested?
    • BB Caps Joint fabric baseball cap factories in Vietnam produce great quality at a fair price. We can introduce you to them. Are you ready?
    • Bed Sheets Bed sheets companies in Vietnam are not as big as in China but they do exist and we can introduce you. Let's disucss.
    • Mens Dress Shirt Do you need a mens dress shirt factory in Vietnam. Frank set one up and sold it. We know many more. Contact us for more info.
    • Kitchenware We have visited many kitchenware factories in Vietnam. We can introduce you and take you there. Make an appointment with us today.
    • Bambooware Our in-house specialist knows bamboo ladder manufacturers in Vietnam. Ask us for introductions and qc services.
  • Sourcing Services We are Vietnam sourcing experts ready to have a skype chat with you and help you find the right factories to make your product.
  • Resources Here is the list of clothing manufacturers in America. Let's check out their website if you are interested.
    • Viral Style Viral Style is a sewing factory based in Florida that can help you start your fashion brand stateside before producing in Vietnam
    • JLD Studios LLC JLD Studios is a sewing factory in Oregon and they are very easy to work with. Make in USA before producing in Vietnam
    • Creative Eye American Apparel CEAA is a sewing factory based in Kentucky that can provide you the private label and custom services. They can do small quantity.
    • Indie Source Indie Source is a clothing manufacturer based in Los Angeles. They provide full-backage of production. Contact Jesse and Zack today!
    • LA Dye & Print Textile Finishing LA Dye and Print is a textile printing company based in Gardena, CA. They are very professional and leaders in the USA printing industry.
    • JS Apparel JS Apparel is a garment producer based in USA. Steve Wilson is a very forward thinking rag trader you must meet to understand Made in USA.
    • Made Well LA Made Well LA is a apparel manufacturer based in USA. Contact them if you are interested to produce stateside before Vietnam
    • Clothier Design Source CDS is a full service garment manufacturer based in Minnesota. Contact them if you need to produce low MOQ locally.
    • List of factories in Vietnam Here is our list of factories in Vietnam that we can introduce you to. We help you find the right factories fast.
    • Vietnam CPTPP Tariff Schedule Guide May I be your Vietnam CPTPP tariff schedule guide? I can tell you how much your tax will decrease.
  • About Me Are you looking for a Vietnamese sourcing agent? I am American living in Vietnam and work with Vietnamese sourcing experts. I can introduce you.
  • Sitemap We are Vietnam sourcing consultants based in Ho Chi Minh city and can do things like introduce factories, assess factories and take you to visit them.
  • Contact Chris Walker knows manufacturing in Vietnam
  • Calendly Appointment Schedule Calendly appointment to speak with Chris Walker who is an apparel production expert in Vietnam.

Our typical way of working for simple factory introductions

1. We note your product details
2. We note your factory requirements
3. We check our database or ask around our network to identify the right factory
4. We determine how many factories you want to meet
5. You pay us
6. We either give you the factory contact details or take you there to work directly with them
7. If you need additional services then we stand by to support you