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Welcome to my website! I'm Chris, an American entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of the sourcing industry in Vietnam since 2008 - working with backpack manufacturers. With unwavering confidence, I offer you my extensive knowledge and expertise in navigating the manufacturing landscape of this remarkable country. 🇻🇳

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My specialization lies in garment manufacturing, and I possess a wide-ranging skill set that includes hats, bags, shoes, wallets, plastic injection molding, metal parts, furniture, and ceramics. From creative start-ups to seasoned professionals, I have successfully partnered with clients from all walks of life, delivering exceptional results for your backpack brand.
Backpack Factory in Vietnam
If you're venturing into overseas production for the first time, rest assured that I have the experience and know-how to guide you through the process seamlessly. Overcoming cultural and language barriers is second nature to me, and I thrive on providing you with unparalleled assistance in getting your product manufactured in Vietnam flawlessly.

When it comes to working with factories, I understand that you value direct engagement. That's why my services revolve around connecting you directly with reputable factories. Through my factory introductions and tours, you'll witness firsthand the capabilities and expertise of our manufacturing partners.

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Is it cheaper to produce backpacks in Vietnam compared to China? When it comes to cost to produce backpacks in Vietnam, it really depends on the quantity and the complexity of the backpack design you want. Do you want a simple day pack or a complex mountain climbing backpack? Do you want to produce 100 or 1,000 backpacks? I can introduce you to backpack manufacturers in Vietnam.

Below is a list of backpack manufacturers in Vietnam I recommend. If you need help contacting them, then contact me because I know all the owners well.


If you are looking for a emerging back pack manufacturer in Vietnam that offers great customer service then you need to meet Van at Archsquare. Van speaks English fluently because she studied in the US before moving back to Vietnam to assist her family grow their back pack manufacturing business.

They have an office in District 1 which makes it convenient to meet. Their factories are in District 12 which is about a 20 minute drive from District 1. They have 100 workers and two locations. One sample making factory and production factory. Their capacity is 10 to 30,000 pieces per month.

Van can take you to the local markets to see what fabrics and trims are readily available. They are able to source water resistant, water proof, triple poly urethane and a variety of elastic bands. They can source real leather, fake leather and imprint your logo using various print technologies.

They have their own designs you can choose from; MOQ is 500 or they can produce your designs with an MOQ of 50.

We introduce you to Archsquare backpacks

Balo Tui Xach is one of the famous backpack manufacturers in Vietnam. The owner is Ms. Vo Thi Thu Suong.

Suong's family started their business in 2005 as a CMT manufacturer in Ho Chi Minh city. In 2013, Ms. Suong decided to have her own brand in Vietnam then Balo Tui Xach was established in district 10. Up to now, Suong has 2 factories in district 7 and Long An province, 2 agents in district 10 and district 3.

Balo Tui Xach offers CMT, OEM and ODM service. Suong goes to China every month for sourcing fabrics by herself so they mainly import fabrics from China. Balo Tuixach specializes in promotion backpacks, leather bags and belts manufacturing. Their MOQ for backpack is 1,000 pieces per style. They can export products to USA, Italy and Japan.

Now they are producing for one start up customer in Italy. Suong's company offer full service for this customer from designing, sourcing fabrics, printing to cutting and sewing. If you are looking for a reliable full service backpack manufacturer in Vietnam then contact Balo Tui Xach.
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Minh Oanh Trading Company

Minh Oanh Trading company is a local backpack manufacturer outside of Saigon. It is located in Hoc Mon district which takes you 45 minutes far from district 1.

The owner is Mrs Oanh who has 5 year experience working in backpack manufacturing as a project manager. In 2010, she started her own business named Minh Oanh trading company. Her company specializes in promotion backpacks, handbags and wallets. They offer both OEM and CMT services. The MOQ can be 500 pieces, depend on your designs.

Now Oanh has 2 factories in Hoc Mon with 75 workers. She is good at sourcing and production. She can help you to source fabrics both in Vietnam and China.

If you are looking for an backpack manufacturing insider then contact Oanh. She was the only person who gave us a price right away when we showed her our customer's design. The only problem is communication so you should hire a translator when you work with her.
Minh Oanh Trading Company

Phuoc Tien Sewing Factory

Phuoc is a man who grew up in a family own CMT factory in Hoc Mon. In 2014, he started his own business as a backpack manufacturer and canvas supplier.

Phuoc has one canvas factory with 20 canvas weaving machines and two backpack sewing factories around his hometown. There are 45 employees in total working for him now.

Phuoc Tien main product is promotion backpacks, handbags for many companies in Vietnam such as Thai Tuan Group, Phu My Fertilizer and Van Thanh Mattress. They also export backpacks to Japan through an agent in Vietnam. Normally their MOQ is 1,000 pieces per style.

Like Oanh, Phuoc can not speak English well so you will need a translator. But, they can give you a very competitive price and are eager to find new customers.
Backpack Manufacturers in Vietnam

Glu Limited Company

Glu Limited Company, is a back pack manufacturer, has been working in Vietnam for more than 10 years.

Glu Co., Ltd offers FOB service. They can manufacture back pack and any types of bag in Vietnam. You can see their samples such as back packs, hand bags, school bags and even non woven bags on their website. Glu Co., Ltd can handle from small to large quantity order with the best price in Vietnam.

If you want to find reliable backpack manufacturers in Vietnam, you can email Glu Co., Ltd via [email protected] or call hotline 093 887 2833.
Glu Backpack Manufacturer in Vietnam

Nguyen Thieu Limited Company

One of the back pack companies in Sai Gon that I know is Nguyen Thieu Co., Ltd.

Nguyen Thieu limited company is located on 171 Bis Tran Huy Lieu street, ward 8, Phu Nhuan district. The owner is Mr. Tien Nguyen. Nguyen Thieu company is specialized in producing back packs for customers’ advertisement. Their current customers are HPI Corporation, Rensei Education Center, Vietnam Post and etc. They have many types of back pack for you to choose such as back pack for laptop, back pack for camera, back pack for sport or traveling. Moreover, Nguyen Thieu can also design, print logos if customers require. You can browser their backpacks catalogue for more products.

If you are looking for backpack manufacturers in Sai Gon, visit Nguyen Thieu store in Phu Nhuan district. Hot line: 0938 093 551 or email [email protected]. The contact person is Mr. Tien.

If you find any problem communicating with him, please contact us for further help.
Waterproof backpacks in Vietnam

Sai Gon Bag Co., Ltd

Sai Gon Bag Company is a famous bag manufacturer in Ho Chi Minh city that was established in 2012.

Their headquarter is located at C7/19B8 Pham Hung street, Binh Hung ward, Binh Chanh District. Sai Gon Bag specializes in bag manufacturing such as laptop back packs, traveling bags, women handbags and purses. They have a wide range of styles and materials for you to choose. You can check on their website.

Sai Gon Bag works with many famous company in Vietnam to produce back pack for their brand name promotion such as Dell, HP, Viettel, Vietinbank and Prudential. The MOQ for promotion back packs is 100 pieces per order.

If you want to work with backpack manufacturers in Vietnam, contact Sai Gon Bag. Hot line: 0908 411 411 (Mr. Nguyen) or send email to [email protected].
Vietnam Garment Manufacturer in VN

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I offer services like factory introductions, factory visits and quality control. Contact me to get introduced directly to backpack manufacturers in Vietnam. I find the right factories fast for you in Vietnam.

Do you need salesman samples? If you just need one salesman sample for your new backpack design then the price might be 3.5 x the FOB price. A typical price for a standard backpack made in Vietnam can cost from $US10 to $US20. If you choose from the back pack factory's available materials then the unit price can go down to $US5–$US20 USD. If you have a tricked out design with exotic fabrics then you are looking at $20 and up. The key is to come in with your design ready for production. If you need help designing or sourcing accessories then let me know and I will introduce you to factories that offer backpack design help.

I recommend you plan to order at least 1,000 units per color or else you will be forced to work with workshops instead of world class backpack factories in Vietnam. Let's get you connected with backpack manufacturers in Vietnam.