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Welcome to my website. I am Chris, a diligent professional residing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and for over a decade, I have been immersed in the intricacies of the sourcing industry. It is with utmost formality and a sense of duty that I stand ready to assist you in your pursuits. How may I be of service to you today? 🇻🇳

Within the vast landscape of manufacturing, my expertise spans a multitude of domains. From the refined realm of garment production to the intricacies of hats, bags, shoes, wallets, plastic injection molding, metal parts, furniture, ceramics, and beyond, I have honed my knowledge and insights. However, allow us to focus our attention on the distinguished arena of mens dress shirt factories.
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In the world of sartorial elegance, mens dress shirt factories are a realm of discerning craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. They epitomize timeless style and refined aesthetics. It is within this realm that I offer my guidance and support, ensuring that your aspirations align seamlessly with the finest mens dress shirt manufacturers.

Now, let us deliberate on the path that lies before you. Would you prefer direct collaboration with mens dress shirt factories, establishing a direct line of communication and oversight? Or do you seek the expertise of an agent, equipped to navigate the intricacies on your behalf? It is my commitment to present you with a comprehensive range of services, including introductions to esteemed mens dress shirt factories and curated opportunities for insightful tours.

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Let's talk about growing your business by manufacturing in Vietnam. This page is about mens dress shirt factories in Vietnam. I know many and can introduce you. Below is a list of a few I recommend.

I offer services like factory introductions, factory visits and quality control. Contact me to work directly with the best dress shirt manufacturers in Vietnam. I find the right factories fast for you in Vietnam.
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Mens Dress Shirt Manufacturers in Vietnam

Viet Tien Garment Corporation

Viet Tien Garment Corporation (VTEC) is one of the most famous mens dress shirt manufacturers in Vietnam. The company was established in 1976 and is the biggest and one of the most well known corporations in the garment manufacturing industry. They employ over 35,000 people with over 10,000 at their headquarters in HCM.

– Manufacturing clothes in various kinds
– Import and export services, transportation and delivery of goods;
– Manufacturing and sales of raw materials for garment industry; machinery and spare parts and equipment for sewing industry; electrical equipment for sound and lighting;

VTEC specializes in manufacturing contracts for large apparel retail corporations throughout the world. They have the following capacity:
• Jacket, Sportswear: 19,400,000 pieces/year – 171 lines
• Shirts: 13,700,000 pieces/year – 72 lines
• Dress & Trousers: 13,900,000 pieces/year – 70 lines
• Suits: 900,000 units/year – 19 lines

Their main office is on Le Minh Xuan street, Tan Binh district, which is near Tan Binh market in Ho Chi Minh city. VTEC has garment transport hanging system to manage their sewing line automatically so everything is controlled professionally. Each finished shirt is made in every 0.11 seconds. Their MOQ is 3,000 pieces per style per color.

VTEC has ISO 9001-2008, SA 8000 and WRAP Certifications. If you are looking for a reliable CSR mens dress shirt manufacturers in Vietnam then contact VTEC.
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Viet Tien Shirts

An Phuoc Limited Company

An Phuoc Garment is a limited company with over 7,000 employees, specializing in mens dress shirts, embroideries, lingerie’s, sport shoes to Japan and other garments to the European market. They also retail fashion and leather goods in the Vietnamese market.

An Phuoc Garment & Embroidery enterprise was founded in 1992 with 35 sewing machines and 60 workers. Currently, they operate 8 factories with 2,500 employees throughout Vietnam and directly manage three subsidiary production companies, with the following capacity:

• Men’s Dress Shirts: 4,500,000 pieces/year
• Men’s Suits: 300,000 suit/year
• Men’s Trouser, Khaki Pants, Polo Shirt: 600,000 pieces/year
• Women’s Lingerie: 3,000,000 pairs/year
• Kid’s Wear: 250,000 pieces/year
• Sport Shoes: 1,800,000 pairs/year
• Molded-bra cups: 6,000,000 pairs/year

An Phuoc has ISO 9001 for quality management system and SA 8000 for CSR. Chi is working in deputy of planning department in An Phuoc Mens Dress Shirt Factory. She speak English well and can arrange for your factory visit.
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Viet Hung Joint Stock Company

Viet Hung Joint Stock company was established in Oct, 2001 and is a manufacturer of mens and women’s casual shirts and casual dresses using woven fabrics. The government owns 22 percent of their shares.

They only do CMT order with MOQ of 5,000 pieces per style. They manufacture for US brands including Abercrombie & Fitch, American Apparel and Dockers. Their factory takes up 2 blocks and 3 floors, with 3 sewing factories, 1 cutting section and 1 packaging area. They have 2,500 workers, 14 lines (total machinery and equipment= 2,500). Their annually production capacity is 6,600,000 pieces.

Like Viet Tien, Viet Hung also has SA 8000 certification and ISO 9001:2008. They have also been rewarded manufacturing certifications issued by Vietnam government. If you are looking for a CMT mens dress shirt factory in Vietnam then contact Viet Hung Joint Stock Company. They are located at 206 National Road 22, Trung My Tay Ward, District 12, HCMC.
Viet Hung Joint Stock