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We source manufacturing in Vietnam for our clients. We help them find factories fast. We assist them with communication, contract negotiation, production and we follow up to verify their customer satisfaction. We are manufacturing consultants based in the south of Vietnam with more than 20 years experience combined.

VSource offers three basic services. We can work as manufacturing consultants. We can work as manufacturing agents without any legal responsibility. Or we work as agents legally responsible for the goods from factory to your warehouse.

VSource specializes in apparel production and apparel accessory production.

Product categories include:

Men, women’s and children clothes made with both knitted and woven fabrics.
Shoes including dress shoes and sport shoes.
Bags including shopping bags, leather bags, backpacks and purses.
Jewelry including earrings, necklaces, bracelets made with metals, leather and plastic.
Hats including baseball caps, cowboy hats, ski hats and helmets made with all kinds of materials.
Socks for fashion and sports made with natural and synthetic fibers.

Our mission is

Introduce as many buyers as possible to Vietnamese factories and assist with communication, contract negotiation, production and customer satisfaction surveys so that we can monetize our excellent marketing and be part of Vietnam’s growth.

Our vision is

Specialize in one product category and create our own brand for export within three years.

Our code of ethics

Promote equal, mutual, fair, transperant trade for a better sustainable world where local jobs are secured and created

How and what we deliver

We do a great job of promoting Vietnam manufacturing online and at trade shows. Buyers approach us for introductions and we offer the following services:

Production services
Factory introductions
Factory visits
Factory audits
Quality control
Agent Service

Unique selling points / value proposition

We are like a valet service for factory sourcing. We pick you up at the airport and take you directly to the factory and we encourage you to work directly with the factory. We only get involved if you need our help.

We speak English and Vietnamese fluently.
We have been working in this industry for 20 combined.
We understand Vietnamese and Western business culture well.
We know many factories in many product categories.